How to Watch Disney Channel and Cartoon Network for Free | DisneyNow


This is introducing how to watch Disney channel and cartoon network for free.

First what you're going to need to do is you're going to open up Safari, then the second thing that you're going to start on is you're going to type in app Valley, and you're going to Google search, that Google's decides to load.

You're going to scroll up all the way to the top of your Google search, you're going to tuck, you're going to click on the top, remember you need to go all the way up to the top, and you're going to click the top app valet, get tweaks, and plus apps, no jailbreaks for free once that website loads. It's going to take you to a Pahlavi and you're going to click on the install app Valley, not the install app Valley native. After that you're going to click that install, it's going to give you a message, click allow, it's going to take you to settings where you can type in your password. After you click install, you're going to type in that password, and here's my beautiful password, you can click install again.

Now you're going to open up at Valley, and it'll take you into their application now. Once you're in, what you're going to do is click on that movie box right there, it's going to be in the featured box or the featured list, and click on movie box, and then you're going to click on get, click install, click install again if it prompts again, then it's going to begin to install, and it's going to be that last app on your page. It's going to be installing and it might take a couple of minutes to install.

It's going to pop up with this untrusted enterprise developer, so what you're going to do is go to settings. Let me show you how to get all the way through, I'm going to go down to general, you're going to go to the profile, on-device management you click on that enterprise app that is from Beijing. It looks like you're going to click trust, they're going to go back to the out, open it up, whatever prompts appear you just click the button, it's not going to do anything to your phone. This time it said thanks, someone, now you have access to all these movies it shows.

It's easy, they just click on it, see as a baby boss, it was maybe a month, two months old, the recent movies you're not going to have on there until the developer has time to put them on there. You click the movie that you like, I'm going to click baby boss, you click it in whatever resolution you like, and click go, and it's going to open it up if it decides to load and it loaded, and there it is. You have access to your movies. That's it.

DisneyNow Trailer

DisneyNow Trailer

Disney now combines the content of all three services, along with Radio Disney, into a unified library. It also includes games based on programs from the three channels, a profile system.